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Manuel Ayau

One of the most significant and courageous contributors to the cause of liberty and individual responsibility in Latin America, Manuel F. Ayau was a classic example of someone who made a difference.

Religion & Liberty, Acton Institute
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Memorial Resolution—A Remembrance for Manuel F. Ayau Cordón

The Liberty Fund Board of Directors in memorial celebrates the life and service of Manuel F. Ayau. Although we know that our appreciation of his life and service cannot begin to comprehend the man he was to his family, friends, and community. . .

Liberty Fund
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As a boy, Manuel Ayau earned the nickname “Muso”—short for Mussolini—on account of his abundant confidence. It was ironic because no man was more important to the spread of
classical liberalism in his native Guatemala.

National Review
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Manuel Ayau, un uomo di cui non sentirete parlare

Difficilmente ne avrete sentito parlare, ma Manuel Ayau (nato il 27 dicembre 1925 e venuto a mancare ieri) è un uomo la cui vita ha avuto un senso. Pochi hanno fatto quanto lui per la libertà individuale e la scienza economica, nel suo disastrato
Guatemala e non solo.

Alberto Mingardi
Istituto Bruno Leoni, Turin, Italy
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Mes amis Jacques Plassard et Manuel Ayau (Musso)

Jacques Garello rend hommage à deux grands libéraux, disparus ce mois-ci…

Jacques Garello
ALEPS – Association Liberte Economique et Progres Social, France
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Thank you, Muso!

The radio spectrum, cyberspace, and newspapers are full of much deserved tributes to Dr. Manuel Ayau, known affectionately as Muso. Our teacher and mentor…

Carroll Ríos de Rodríguez
Siglo XXI, Guatemala
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Manuel Ayau, LatAm Champion of Free Markets

“We believe in the rule of law and not of persons or groups of persons, be they a minority or a majority.” So said Guatemalan businessman Manuel Ayau when he inaugurated the Francisco Marroquín University (UFM) in Guatemala in 1972.

Joachim Bamrud
Latin Business Chronicle

The Sprit and Influence of Manuel Ayau (1925–2010)

Manuel Ayau, one of the people I most respected and admired, died today. Muso, as his friends called him, was a major figure in the international movement to promote liberty.

Ian Vasquez
Cato Institute
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Manuel Ayau, Guatemala’s Freedom Entrepreneur (1925-2010)

Manuel F. Ayau, Guatemala’s leading classical liberal scholar and intellectual entrepreneur; founder of Francisco Marroquin University; former FEE trustee; and Freeman contributor, died this morning. He was 84.

Sheldon Richman
The Freeman
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The Remarkable Dr. Ayau

Nations do not just become rich by accident. Economic prosperity is largely determined by the ideas and decisions of individuals regarding the political organization and economic policies in their countries…

The Washington Times
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Manuel Ayau: Champion of Freedom

Manuel F. Ayau, rector emeritus of the University Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala and former President of the Mont Pelerin Society, died today. An entrepreneur, thinker and tireless advocate of the principles of the free society and free economy…

Eamonn Butler

Manuel Ayau, the freedom fighter, the hero, the grandfather

I am deeply saddened to learn about Muso’s passing away on August 3. I met Muso, a friend of my father, some 19 years ago in 1991. I had heard some interesting stories about him from my parents when they visited Guatemala…

Rómulo López Cordero

Manuel F. Ayau (1925-2010), R.I.P.

Today we mourn the passing away of Latin America’s titan of liberty, Manuel “El Muso” Ayau. His life was truly inspiring from being entrepreneurially successful, to having two doctoral degrees (Literature and Law) to founding a school…

Juan Fernando Carpio
The Libertarian Standard
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Manuel F. Ayau (1925-2010)

With great sadness, I convey the news I have just received that Manuel F. Ayau died yesterday. Known to his friends as Muso, Ayau was one of the greatest persons I have had the privilege to know. I am not given to hero worship, but I do not hesitate to affirm that, to me, Muso was a hero.

Robert Higgs

Manuel F. Ayau, 1925-2010

We just received word that Manuel Fr. Ayau died yesterday. He is the founder of Universidad Francisco Marroquin, author of Not a Zero-Sum Game, and a dedicated Misesian fighter for truth.

Jeffrey Tucker
Ludwig Von Mises Institute
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Manuel F. Ayau (1925-2010): A Life for Liberty, Justice, and the Truth

Those who love freedom were saddened to learn this morning of the passing of one of the most significant contributors to the cause of liberty and individual responsibility in Latin America, Manuel F. Ayau, affectionately known as “Muso”…

Samuel Gregg
Acton Institute
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A Leader for Liberty in Latin America: Manuel Ayau (1925-2010)

One of the outstanding leaders of individual liberty and economic freedom in Latin America, Dr. Manuel Ayau, passed away on August 4, 2010 at the age of 85. Many Americans may not be familiar with his name or his contributions to the cause of liberty, but he was most assuredly one of the “movers and shakers” in defense of capitalism in the Spanish-speaking world.

Richard M. Ebeling
In Defense of Capitalism & Human Progress – Northwood University
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Re: Manuel Ayau

I am so saddened to hear of Muso’s death. He was not only an energetic entrepreneur of libertarian ideas, but—along with his wife—one of the most charming people I have met. My family and I spent a week or so with the Ayaus in Guatemala City in 1975…

Butler Shaffer
LRC Blog (Lew Rockwell)
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Manuel “Muso” Ayau RIP

Manuel Ayau, known by his many friends and admirers as “Muso,” passed away early this morning, in his native Guatemala — a country he loved and to which he dedicated his life to make a freer and more prosperous place.

Ivan Osorio
Open Market
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Manuel Ayau, RIP

Manuel Ayau, fondly known as Muso, was a courageous defender of free enterprise and cared enough about his country and the education of its citizens that he founded a university dedicated to studies in Economics, markets and the freedoms that support a free society…

Richard Bishirjian
The Yorktown Patriot
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Manuel Ayau, RIP

Guatemalan libertarian educator and institution builder Manuel Ayau has died. George Mason University economist Don Boudreaux eulogizes him, and earlier celebrated his achievements on the occasion of his 80th birthday…

Brian Doherty
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Manuel Ayau: Guatemala’s Liberal Searcher

Driving to my hotel from the Guatemala City airport on my first trip to Guatemala in January 2000, I commented to my host that I was pleasantly surprised to find no customs agents ransacking people’s luggage.

Donald J. Boudreaux
The Freeman
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Manuel Ayau, R.I.P.

I have just learned of the passing of Manuel Ayau. The world has lost one of its leading lights of freedom and prosperity. Among many other accomplishments, Dr. Ayau was the founder of the amazing and truly groundbreaking Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala

James Otteson
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Manuel Ayau (1925–2010)

I first heard about Ayau when I visited Guatemala City for a conference in 2009. We took a tour of UFM and learned its story which was absolutely amazing.

Josh McCabe

Rest in Peace, Manuel Ayau

Sad news from Guatemala. Manuel “Muso” Ayau died this morning at 85 from cancer. He founded Universidad Francisco Marroquin, one of the top schools in all of Central America.

Ryan Young
Inertia Wins!
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Manuel Ayau, Champion of Freedom

Manuel Ayau’s contribution to human liberty has been as an entrepreneur of ideas, both as a master synthesizer and communicator of classical liberal thought through his writings, and as founder of Universidad Francisco Marroquín…

Giancarlo Ibárgüen S.
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