Other Writings

Proyecto de Constitución  Columns
Weekly opinion columns published in the Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre between January and April 2010. (Spanish)
Memoirs and comments on the founding of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, 1992.
 Tópicos de actualidad
Ninety-eight articles written between 1959 and 2008 for the pamphlets published by the Center for Economic and Social Sciences (CEES), a classical liberal think tank established by Manuel F. Ayau. (Spanish)
Traducciones al inglés de 18 artículos
 The Wall Street Journal
Articles and a letter to the editor published between 1983 and 2003.
 Inaugural Address
Delivered at the inauguration of Universidad Francisco Marroquín on January 15, 1972 by the president of the university, Manuel F. Ayau.
Description of the project.